Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about asset management?

We are happy to try to resolve your questions here. If you cannot find a suitable answer to your specific question, contact us – we will be happy to help you without any obligation.

General matters

Swiss Three Asset Management is an independent Swiss Asset Management boutique with individual customer service. We have a team of experts with many years of experience in asset management.

We offer investment strategies that only consist of the best-in-class funds. Our investment strategies are characterised by their attractive returns and low volatility.

Our investment strategies offer higher returns, lower volatility and lower drawdowns compared to standard providers. We achieve this through our strategic asset allocation with significant use of absolute return funds and our fund selection.

Our customers are private individuals and small and medium-sized companies.

First of all, we hold a detailed personal conversation with our prospective customers. We get to know what your expectations and goals are. Together we determine the right investment strategy for you. The administrative formalities are then done quickly and easily. We prepare everything for you.

The asset management with Swiss Three Asset Management has no minimum term and can be terminated on a daily basis.

We only work with Swiss custodian banks with secure ratings and impeccable reputations.

To our investment strategies

We do not invest in a benchmark-oriented way, like most standard providers, but pursue absolute return targets. This protects our customers’ assets from losses in bad market conditions and participates when times are good. This is an asymmetrical investment profile compared to the classic standard profiles. We only invest in funds in selected investment areas what are absolutely return-oriented.

We offer investment strategies with target returns of 7% - 11% p.a. Target returns before deduction of wealth management fees, custody fees and transaction fees. Past performance is not a guarantee and is not indicative of future investment results.

Our investment portfolios usually consist of around 20 to 30 best-in-class funds.

We always aim to invest in the respective currency hedged share class.

When selecting the funds, we use external databases such as Morningstar on the one hand, on the other funds are presented to us by our network.

Our goal is to keep portfolio turnover as low as possible.

We are 100% conflict of interest free. We also invest ourselves in the investments we recommend to our customers.

Questions about opening an account

The minimum investment depends on the complexity of the account to be opened from a minimum investment of CHF 500,000.

Swiss Three Asset Management charges a management fee as well as a performance fee.
In addition, the custodian bank charges a custody account fee to safekeep the securities and transaction fees for buying and selling securities.

For private individuals we need a valid passport, a CV and proof of residence (e.g. Utility bill or bank statement). For corporate customers, we need company documents, e.g. An extract from the commercial register and the statutes.

After submitting the required documents, opening an account takes between 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the complexity.

We work with selected Swiss custodian banks, all of which have good to very good credit ratings.