Asset management

Attractive returns and low volatility

Swiss Three Asset Management specialises in developing and managing investment solutions for their clients. Our investment solutions are characterised by their attractive returns and low volatility. We have a team of experts with many years of experience in asset management.

Investment strategies

Focus on security and growth

Investment strategy
7% to 9% p.a.*
Target return
Investment strategy
8% to 10% p.a.*
Target return
Investment strategy
9% to 11% p.a.*
Target return

*Target returns before deduction of wealth management fees, custody fees and transaction fees. Past performance is not a guarantee and is not indicative of future investment results.

Free investment portfolio analysis

Check your current investment portfolio

If you are unsure if your current portfolio is well positioned, or if you would like higher returns, we would be happy to check your current situation without obligation. All we need for this is a securities account statement and your wishes in a short telephone call. Please use the form below for a quick portfolio analysis.

Custodian bank selection

Free choice of banks

As an independent asset manager, we are not tied to a specific bank and are therefore free in our choice of which bank to use.
We support you in the selection of the custodian bank and provide you with an overview of the services and conditions of the individual banks.

Our partners

Bank-independent asset management is regulated by a contractual relationship between the customer, the custodian bank and the asset manager. The customer’s assets and securities are held by a secure custodian bank in the customer’s name. The asset manager manages the client’s portfolio by means of a power of attorney which only allows investment decisions, but not payments or withdrawals. The management is done based on the contractually agreed strategy.

1. Customer

  • Contract with the custodian bank
  • Contract with Swiss Three Asset Management
  • Portfolio deposits remain in the customer’s possession at all times

2. Custodian bank

  • Contract with Swiss Three Asset Management
  • Contract with the customer
  • Safekeeping of securities
  • Execution of purchases and sales
  • Credit card
  • Securities loan
  • Regulated by FINMA

3. Asset managers

  • Contract with the custodian bank
  • Contract with the customer
  • Investment decisions
  • Authorised to manage assets
  • Not authorised to transfer assets
  • Regular monitoring and control
  • Regulated by VQF
Minimum deposit

Why do asset managers have minimum investment amounts?

The management fees are often just a few percentage points. A mandate of less than 1 million euros is therefore uneconomical and leaves no room for individual customer support. A further advantage of asset managers is their access to financial products which are usually reserved. In addition, good asset managers have many years of experience and can identify attractive investments by thorough analysis. In addition, they often receive discounts from banks and pass these onto their customers.

The fees

What does asset management cost?

The asset manager is remunerated with a percentage management fee based on the capital of their clients. This amounts to between 1% and 2% p.a. of the investment capital. In addition, there is often a performance fee of 10% to 20% of the returns generated.

Management fee

1% to 2% p.a. measured on the investment capital

Performance Fee

To the amount of 10% to 20% of the returns generated

Value growth

How your investment can develop

Trust in our investment strategies which have proven themselves over decades and which ensure sustainable profits instead of chasing after short-term expected returns that more often than not do not materialise.

How can the available capital be invested?

As property exists already and accounts for 50% of the total capital, 0.5 million CHF can be invested by the investor in stocks that suit their personal taste and which may promise high profits in a few years time. 2 million CHF can be invested in a combination of different funds. With a target return of 200,000 CHF which, after the deduction of tax, can already provide for the living costs.

500,000 CHF

Investment in stocks

2,000,000 CHF

Investment in funds

200,000 CHF

Annual profits
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You have questions about our investments?

We are happy to try to resolve your questions here. If you cannot find a suitable answer to your specific question, contact us – we will be happy to help you without any obligation.

We do not invest in a benchmark-oriented way, like most standard providers, but pursue absolute return targets. This protects our customers’ assets from losses in bad market conditions and participates when times are good. This is an asymmetrical investment profile compared to the classic standard profiles. We only invest in funds in selected investment areas what are absolutely return-oriented.

Conservative, with a target return of 7% to 9% per year from 3 to 5 years.
Balanced, with a target return of 8% to 10% per year from 3 to 5 years.
Growth, with a target return of 9% to 11% per year from 3 to 5 years.

Our investment portfolios usually consist of around 20 to 30 best-in-class funds.

We always aim to invest in the respective currency hedged share class.

When selecting the funds, we use external databases such as Morningstar on the one hand, on the other funds are presented to us by our network.

Our goal is to keep portfolio turnover as low as possible.